Towels and Robes by Parachute Home

Let’s just pause for a minute before I jump into talking about my love for Parachute Home. You will notice that my bedroom had a transformation along the way as I worked on the images for this. I am beyond excited for the transformation and you will see the changes in a few shots throughout this blog post but for now, let’s focus on PARACHUTE HOME!

Most are familiar with their bedding and O M G it’s amazing! Recently I received a new towel set for the bathroom along with a robe for both Matt and I. We both love our robes!

These Mediterranean-inspired fouta bath linens are a perfect addition to our family. I know I needed something to be durable to keep up with the kids yet I wanted to have a set that was still really pleasing to the eye! These add the perfect minimal look yet still catches the eye with the simple line pattern! Again, Parachute does a killer job on providing beauty in the perfect way!

I haven’t had a nice robe in who knows how long. My mom had bought me one when I was first married and I kept that thing forever and then I had another one that I kept for way too long again. I then found myself without a robe for a while which wasn’t ideal. So all that to say, receiving this lightweight, softly textured bathrobe was amazing! The color is perfect and the texture is so good! Most of you know I love a good texture! The length is nice, especially as warmer weather approaches us!

So as you can imagine my home is feeling really good. Between my bedding, the towels and my robe! Parachute has brought so much beauty into my home. I am beyond humbled that I get to work with a company that is creating a community around wellness. I am always advocating a healthy lifestyle and I am honored to be part of the Parachute’s journey to advocate for the same.

Thank you Parachute for sharing your beautiful goods with my family and I. Even Lemon seems to enjoy my robe with all her dog cuddles!

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