The prettiest diffuser

I found the prettiest diffuser!! I have never loved the look of one like I do now. The aesthetic of this one is perfect for my home. Both the black and white fit in beautifully. They remind of a lovely piece of pottery. Vitruvi is all about traditional materials and I really like how they made their diffuser by using ceramic! 

The heart behind the company is also beautiful. As a woman owned business myself, I really love supporting other women who are doing great things in this world. Vitruvi was built by and designed by women. They want to remind women to take care of themselves and taking moments for their health and beauty is important. These women inspire other women to pursue their dreams which is so empowering. I am also thankful to see the men who support their passion and help them grow their business. I am feeling so honored to be able to work with this company and also happy to announce we have their products in shop as well. We have the diffusers along with many essential oils. The connection between plants and people is obviously important to me seeing that I own a plant shop and this is true for them as well! Their blends are amazing! I have been obsessed with Grove in the evening. I have been putting in my diffuser to fall asleep to! The Ying Yang smells so amazing too! Gosh I really just love them all! It all depends on my mood and needs!

Enough about me and my love for the product and business, lets get to know them! 

1. Why diffusers? 

At Vitruvi we are all about natural, intentional living and using scent strategically to set a mood for a space. The thing we love about our diffusers is that they are designed to fit seamlessly into any decor, and that they can quietly influence the tone you wish to set in your space and allow you to control your environment. 

2. What inspired the design of the diffuser? 

The diffuser is inspired by our love of intentional design and thoughtful living. Our design principles are at the core of the company. The name vitruvi is inspired by 1st century Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio who found symmetries and patterns in plants and the human body. During his historical work, he stated in Latin that all good design should satisfy 3 principles: “Utilitas, Firmitas and Venustas”; that is, it must have utility, durability, and beauty. With these principles and his mastery of proportion and symmetry, he created the concept of the Vitruvian Man, a theory later drawn and made famous by Leonardo da Vinci. Inspired by Vitruvius’ methodology and purposeful design, vitruvi aims to apply the same attention to detail in the creation of our products to ensure that they are purposefully constructed to perform their best. We are constantly thinking about how what we design is used, how it lasts and if it is beautiful—i.e. would a woman be proud to have it on her bedside or in her living room. 

Applying these principles to everything we do and the connection between plants and people is so very important to us. We love ceramics and natural materials—each diffuser is made like a traditional ceramic and is made to fit seamlessly into any home without taking up too much attention, so it’s just quietly there (much like the scent is creates).  

3. How did you come up with your scents?

Our collections are all designed from different experiences and intentions. Our mist and roll-on personal products are designed and named after different moments and rituals of the day. It was the first collection I created and each product is blended like a traditional perfume with top, middle and base notes—but instead of synthetic fragrances, they are made with completely natural essential oils sourced from over 20 countries.  

Our latest diffuser blends were created to embody places and moods that inspire me. They took weeks to make because we started with a concept and then the blend needed to sit and “marry” for at least 48 hours. During this time the aroma changes significantly and it really settles into itself.  

4. What are some of your favorite scent combinations? 

There are literally millions of combinations, but some of my favourite scent combinations for a diffuser are:

  1. Bergamot + Cedarwood (6 drops of each) 
  2. Geranium (7 drops) + Eucalyptus (5 drops)

5. What do you hope to see in the next few years as you grow your business? 

As our business grows, I hope to see more of our customers and community in person. As a fast-growing digital brand, we spend a lot of time with our strategic retail partners and at our computers. Our entire company is incredibly focused on customer feedback and most of this happens digitally, as well as with our customer experience team on the phone. My personal goal is to be able to meet more of our customers in real life. Our community and customers and the kindest women and they are doing incredible things—it’s such a privilege to create products for them and I’m constantly thinking about how we can always be elevating the vitruvi experience for them. 

I also hope to see more women in leadership roles at beauty and wellness companies. I’m so lucky to get to work with a brilliant team of predominantly women and really see them grow into being strong leaders. I’m inspired everyday by our team and the women they make products for—it’s pretty cool to be a part of. 

6. Living a healthy lifestyle is clearly important, what other ways do you stay healthy? 

We’ve been running a fast-growing company for 4 years now and it absolutely never stops. Staying healthy is a huge priority for me because I can’t get sick or be out of the office or be low energy ever, so I prioritize my health and wellness in a big way (despite travel on planes, long hours, and a baseline level of constant stressors and problem solving). 

  1. I drink a tonne of water…really a lot. I’m usually adding Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator to it and lemon for an added boost, which is especially important during travel. 
  2. Sitting constantly in meetings or at a computer can really take a toll. A few months ago, I started taking all my calls with my legs up a wall. It helps with circulation and energy and is nice to redistribute blood flow after long meetings.
  3. I do yoga almost everyday (I’ve recently gotten back into it). I’ve been a runner for years and still run most days, but my body was needing a change of pace and something more lengthening as well as strengthening, especially during winter months. I also only like doing workouts that I can do regardless of where I am in the world—I don’t like being dependent on a class or machine. 
  4. I’ve eaten a plant based diet since growing up in a small farming community. Our parents were early adopters of the organic movement and I’ve been vegan for years. Having a very plant-strong, simple diet and way of eating helps my brain and body have consistency in my energy. I basically eat the same thing everyday 🙂 I have enough change and variation in almost every other aspect of my life—some things are nicer more constant. 

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