Ten facts about Tish

Who doesn’t love a good sale?I found this dress on the Target sale rack! I love the way it fits and flows. It’s such a good piece for Spring! 

Things about me:

1. I am a wife of almost 12 beautiful years. I always ask my husband to promise me that he will always love and fight with me forever. Marriage is hard. Marriage is the most intimate relationship in our lives. The beautiful and ugly all intertwined. Our marriage isn’t perfect but I am really really thankful that I get to spend my life with Matthew.

2. I have three kids and miscarried 7 babies. Yes, I lost 7 babies. Each loss was painful. My heart ached. I was angry at times. I was hopeless at times. But I have three beautiful children and I am so so grateful. 

3. I grew up in a blended family. This fact about me could be a long blog post of its own and who knows maybe it will be one in the future. I have step sisters, half brothers, adopted, step dad, step mom, and it’s even more complex then that. My husband hasn’t fully wrapped his mind around what my “normal” was. He told me one day “so you grew up living out of a suitcase”. Those words stopped me in my tracks and I was like “wow I never thought of it that way, but yeah I did.” Packing a suitcase was just part of what I did. I had a room at each house. I had a dresser and closet but I had to pack and unpack and do that over and over again. That was my way of life and that’s what I knew. That was just my “norm”. Growing up in a divorced home and facing divorce between my dad and step-mom at one point was hard. Divorce is heartbreaking. Divorce is messy. Watching the pain my parents faced was difficult. Watching my dad in highshcool fall into a devastating depression was very difficult. The anger I personally felt was unbearable at times. As a kid who grew up in it and even witnessed it again affected me in ways that I don’t fully know how to express and I think still affects me, but I have beautiful brothers and sisters from it. I have a step dad who has been there for 25 years loving my mom and me and a step mom who is a gift. My dad is strong and humble and my mom is kind and she overflows in grace. My life was messy but beautiful things have come from it. (Romans 12)

4. I live in the desert and love it. 

5. I am a photographer. I love light, love, adventure, movement, feeling, and I love that it is my job! 

6. I can struggle with depression and anxiety in ways that sometimes feels paralyzing. I have faced very dark days. I have to make a choice to keep me from those times by surrounding myself with people who love me, who have patience and grace with me. I talk to people who can relate because those who don’t struggle have a hard time relating and so it is healthy to have people who can relate because you then feel less crazy.  I workout. I take vitamins. I vocalize my feelings and thoughts more even if they don’t make sense. I PRAY and I pray even if I don’t know what to pray. I just try reaching and hoping Jesus will meet me and HE does. 

7. I love interior design. I didn’t go to school for it and I have a lot to learn. BUT, I do love and I continue to design my own space and friends often have me come design their space! Creating spaces that inspire and at the same time allow people to gather comfortably is important to me! 

8. Traveling inspires me.

9. I lift weights 4/5 times a week. I like to stay healthy, thin and strong. It keeps me in a healthy state of mind, gives me engergized for my family and for my business. I honestly really just love it too!

10. I love Jesus. I believe He created us with a purpose. I believe His ways are best. I also face doubt. I don’t always pray. I don’t always believe that He is real and that He has best, but in my doubts, He always makes Himself known to me. He never changes. He never leaves me. He never fails me. I keep running to Him. He chose me, saved me, loves me and has so much mercy and I am thankful. I believe everyone has purpose, I believe everyone was created perfectly by His hands and that when we cry out to Him, He hears us! 

Images: Katie 

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  1. I love how honestly you wrote about yourself! Thank you for sharing, also I’m sorry what happened to you in past. You’re doing great and wish you lots of LOVE and happiness ❤️

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