Striped Jumper

As much I love to layer, I can’t express how happy I am to feel the warm air. I am ready to pack the sweaters and pull out all the breezy tops, flowy dresses along with this striped jumper. Though I need a good tan to add some color to my fair winter skin, I am happy to feel the sun hit my skin again! 

Do you ever walk into Forever 21 just for the heck of it? I do, not often but once in a while I will pop in out of curiosity and sometimes my curiosity leads me to a happy surprise. This jumper was my recent Forever 21 find. The thickness of the fabric is something that caught my attention. I love when clothing feels really well made. 

I paired this jumper with some of my favorite shoes, these clogs from Fine Life Co. Not everyone is a fan of clogs but I sure am! My collection continues to grow to be honest! This pair from Fine Life Co. are comfortable. I love that I can wear them all day and my feet don’t hurt!! 

So there ya have it, jumpers and clogs are a win to bring in the warm Spring weather!  

Photo: Katie Lively (Edited by myself)

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