Say NO to fear | “Fear is the devils greatest illusion”

“Fear is the devils greatest illusion” -R.M. Drake

About five months ago I stepped out of my fears, the unknown, the “I don’t even know how to do this” and started this blog. With the push and encouragement of Matt, I did it. 

Here I sit at the computer wondering what I should blog about. I mean really what do people actually want to read about or see? I think of something and then I wonder if that is good enough? I spend so much time overthinking and worrying and fearing what others will think that I become paralyzed. (Even now as I am trying to write, I am wondering if I should even share my struggle as I am learning to blog…)

Matt and I were at a brewery just over a week ago. We sat talking about the blog. He began challenging me. “You have so much to share”, he told me. “You are always documenting life, just share it.” “You don’t have to have a perfect blog, people like that you are real.” “You are constantly re-designing something, just blog it.” “People want to see more of our life, what we do, what we love and the honesty is beautiful.” He told me to blog every day, even if it’s as simple as one image and few sentences. He said you have to start somewhere and so just do it! He told me to push through my fears and go for it with everything in me. “The blog will become exactly what it should as time goes on, just BLOG” is what he told me.  He said, “this world is filled with blogs that are ‘perfect’ and you hate that so don’t worry about it, just do it!” He told me I am selling myself short, I am missing out on so much amazing. He wants me to be set free from fear and believes if I were to just share everyday then the walls of fear will begin to crumble.

I mean how AMAZING is that. My husband is a DREAM. He sees me in a light that I don’t see myself in.  He sees my potential and that night over beers he was almost begging me to just DO IT! He said if I just don’t do it, then all my dreams of what this could be will never happen. He is right and it is true that the devil uses fear to keep us from what we can be, what we dream about and what could be! I believe we are all created with talents and we have freedom to live them out fully. Our dreams can become reality!

So as I sat here to write, I decided that my first post would be sharing right where I am at. My hope is that as I take up my challenge, that my thinking will shift, my heart will grow and that everyone who follows us here will be encouraged and inspired to overcome their fears! So people lets do this, lets do what we love regardless of our fears! Say NO to fear!

What are you allowing fear to hold you back from? What dreams do you have?

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  1. This is great Tish! Thanks for sharing. Struggle with fear is very similar to me too and your husband is so nice that he’s encouraging you. Devil be gone!

  2. Such a good message for me to read this morning. I’ve been following your Instagram account for a while, always inspired, never knowing your story, Matt’s health issues or that you walk by faith. Today I read a few of your blog posts. You are authentic and inspiring… thank you for sharing. Sending encouragement and prayers for you and your husband.

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