Redesigning the office | Part 1

Have you had a room that seems to constantly change because you just don’t know what to do with it? Maybe this is just my own design struggle. We have been in this house for 6 plus years and this room is actually a favorite, yet I haven’t found a layout that has felt the best to me. If you have been following me for a while you would have seen this office space pop up on my Instagram feed here and there but not often. It has been set up at times that I liked but I always found myself questioning. 

In the last several months this space became a catchall for random items, disorganized stuff, and just a room I would walk by feeling completely uninspired. Doesn’t help that the past several months have been filled with trying to figure out why Matt is in so much pain. I would tell myself to do something with it but I couldn’t think of anything to with it. Again, so uninspired. 

One day I became inspired in an unusual way. Matt and I took a personality test. It’s not one of those popular ones that everyone takes. It’s one that goes much deeper then I have ever heard of. My mom meets with people to go over their tests and she has seen marriages saved because of the understanding that occurs between a husband and wife. Anyways, I will have to go deeper into this test at a later time. As I listened to what his personality needed I began to understand how to love him better even all these years later (we have been married 13 years). So many things stood out to me but one thing that stood out to me to inspire me to design this office space was when I heard that Matt’s personality needs a room that he felt like was his. A space that he could create in to help him follow through with ideas he has stirring in his mind. 

Matt gives us so much of his time, energy, and emotion to care of the kids and I. He sacrifices more then I think I realize. He is so generous and does everything to make us happy. I am so thankful and I want to be sure he feels the same kind of love. When I was given more understanding of his personality I felt an urgency to serve him by creating a space that he could feel some ownership over. Of course he always emphasizes that it’s not just his room, but I really wanted him to feel like it is “his’!!

After feeling inspired I told Matt what I wanted to do. I shared that I really wanted to create this room into a space that he could feel inspired to pursue his dreams. I told him I wanted to design a “man space”. His response confirmed everything I felt I needed to do for him. I actually was surprised by how excited he was. He couldn’t stop talking about it. He was sharing ideas and yet he kept telling me he knew I would created a space that felt really good. I loved how he had ideas but also encouraged me to do my thing for him. 

So it began. I became so inspired so quickly that I honed in on exactly what I wanted to do. It was almost a no brainer for me. I just knew. I still am not finished but I really wanted to show you the progress so far.

We began with painting the wall Saguaro Cactus green. Matt wanted a dark wall to warm up the space. We are both all about white walls and creating spaces that feel open and bright. I mean my heart skips a beat for those light desert tones but having a dark wall felt right for the man space. I do love the name of the color I chose. 

I was trying to choose a sofa that felt “manly” along with a sofa that you could lounge on. This one from Urban Outfitters stood out to me the most. I wanted Matt to be surprised by the furniture I picked. He is digging this pick! The chair I actually bought but didn’t feel right so I turned around a sold it. Again, the room isn’t done but it’s off to a good start. 

It’s coming together. I am working on what chair fits best and I will keep you posted. The hand stool was a must. I love the Bob Dylan image and the “Work hard and be nice to people” print represents Matt perfectly. He says this all the time, even before I found this from Schoolhouse.

The shelves add some extra storage. This old 50’s house is lacking storage so this helps and visually I feel is really lovely.  

As soon as I had this room set up, I found Matt in it. He loves it so much. We have more to do. The other half of the room is going to be used for computers, 3D printing, Matt working on a podcast idea, and more. I am excited to share what Matt has up his sleeve! 


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