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Health is very important to me. My choices from what I eat, to making sure I workout several times a week, to what products I use on my skin. I find so many benefits to my choices from feeling energized, to clear skin, to feeling confident in my own skin, along with my mental health.

It has been really good to see more and more changes happen in the US as everyone is realizing the change that needs to happen in how food is made to the products we use on our bodies. According to the research that Public Goods found, their are 1000 ingredients that Europe banned unlike the states. Some of the products used are linked to cancer, hormone disruption and more disturbing health issues. It’s so nice to know that Public Goods has chosen to use healthy ingredients in all of their products.

Public Goods makes everything from toothbrushes to laundry detergent. They cover all your needs from skin to home products.

Not only do I love the product and their heart behind it, but their packaging is gorgeous. I don’t know about you but good packaging sells me. Clean and simple catches my eye every time. The brighter and busier, the more turned off I am even if its good product. The simplicity of Public Goods is perfect. As they say “the packaging and is clean and simple—are designed to compliment your space, not visually assault it.” They want the product to look beautiful in peoples homes rather then distract you from peoples beautiful homes.

When it comes to products with clean ingredients and good packaging, the price is something that tends to be high but again Public Goods gives people another reason to go healthy by allowing the product to be affordable. The price point is good which is also refreshing. Good healthy products are important to people and should be available for everyone!! So thank you Public Goods for another good reason to making the choice of healthy attainable.

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