Our Living Room

Our living room is a place that we spend the majority of our time as a family. Our friends and family fill this room often. We laugh, we snuggle, we veg out on a good movie, it’s the place that relationships grow deeper. We love it so much!

This is a room we want people to feel welcomed in and inspired by. It has been rearranged too many times we lost count. Furniture has been swapped out multiple times (you will soon learn that changes are always happening in our home). But, this setup right here has been our favorite so far. The old mixed with new, the textures, and the plants makes it hard to leave.

Having three kids is a guarantee that there will be lot’s of messes. Although we don’t allow eating in this space, there is still risk to messes happening. Our leather couch from West Elm was a smart purchase. The leather can get beat up and it just looks more and more amazing as time goes on. The big fur is from A_L_O_E. We love the cozy feel it brings to the couch, especially through these winter months. 

The coffee table was thrifted by a friends mom. We love that the glass top keeps the feeling of openness!

These two Maya Mueble wood chairs are gorgeous and don’t let them fool you, they are so comfortable! Every time someone sits in them for the first time, they shockingly say “Oh I thought these were going to be so uncomfortable, but they feel so good!!” They are some of Matt’s favorite chairs in the house.

The pillow is from Ebb and Thread, and I am obsessed!!! 

If you can’t tell yet, I am obsessed with plants. As you follow along you will see that a plant or five will appear in many many posts here. I feel it brings life, color and texture into a space. It’s a subtle way to warm up a room!! 

The rust orange Eames chair is from A_L_O_E. I have been dreaming of a classic black one for several years now and I still have my fingers crossed to have one one day. But, when this one was brought to my attention I fell in love with it. The color is warm, it fit right in with the tones I was working through in my head as I was designing this space, so I felt it was a perfect fit! AND, it’s another hit chair for comfort in our home!

Oh and let’s not forget, those pillows from The Citizenry were given to me! Aren’t they gorgeous??

Yes yes.. that Fiddle Leaf is amazing!!! 

Oh and that light, I am still in love with it! It is from IKEA. I love the natural texture in brings to this space. The light color keeps is airy! It is my favorite light we have hung yet (we have gone through some light’s if you didn’t catch on, yes it can take me a couple rounds to decide sometimes).

Last but not least, the rug is a dream! I can’t get over it! This was found on craigslist… yes I said craigslist. The owner of this rug ended up being a friend from a few years back, but let’s just take a moment to stare at this rug!! This rug originally is from Semikah Textiles. Veronica is an interior designer who sources gorgeous textiles and one of them is now in our home! 

Mama’s I am sure you are wondering why I would have a “white rug” in our house, but so far with the no eating or drinking rule, this rug is keeping its beauty just fine!

No no, I didn’t forget about that macrame chair back in the corner, I am still working on curating that space and I will share a full blog post of that beauty too! The kids are so excited about it!!!

This is our home and we are excited to be launching this blog. We are excited to share more of our home, more of our lives and all the things we love. We are humbled and thankful for the tremendous support from those close to us and many from different parts of the world! Thank you for following along!!! We hope you feel inspired to be YOU and try new things!!! 

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  1. I love it all!!!! And I cannot believe you found that rug on Craigslist!!!! ?? For someone who kills every house plant I’ve ever owned do you have tips on picking out easy ones to care for and keeping them alive? ??

  2. I love it all!!!! And I cannot believe you found that rug on Craigslist!!!! ?? For someone who kills every house plant I’ve ever owned do you have tips on picking out easy ones to care for and keeping them alive? ??

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