Looking for the perfect pair of clogs?

I first learned about Bryr Clogs little over a year ago. I was searching for the perfect pair and I couldn’t get over how beautifully made Bryr Clogs were. My husband surprised me with a black pair for Christmas. I recently connected more personally with Isobel, who by the way is the sweetest and I just want to hang out with her all the time! Her and her team of lady bosses are the sweetest ladies around! 

They sent me this perfect pair of blush colored clogs and I am obsessed. I had such a difficult time deciding on what style and what color but I chose these. Bright colors scare me and I have a pair of black clogs and a pair of brown, so I felt like this blush color was a great way to add a pop of color without scaring me! Now that I am wearing these and have seen all the other beautiful colors in person, I would for sure go a bit bolder in color next time!!! 

I was able to meet Isobel and the girls in person about a month ago in San Francisco and they are all the sweetest! The shop is nothing short from beautiful! I love that you not only can pick the perfect pair of clogs but you also can see their whole process of how they make them. The ladies hand make each pair with much love!!! They use the best materials and they want to stay truly connected with each customer. They only want the best!!!   

I wanted you to get to know Isobel and how she started Bryr Clogs so I asked some questions. Scroll down to learn more

How did you get started creating Clogs? 
I’d always been really interested in working with leather and had a dream of learning to make shoes, but I never dreamed that it would become a business. I started making clogs for my friend and the business grew from there.

What lead you to start your business in San Fran? 
I started my business in Brooklyn, but a year in I realized that California was calling me back. I packed up my VW golf, and drove across the country with my dog Billie as my passenger. I’m so glad I made that decision because SF is a perfect fit for my life style and aesthetic.

What’s the process to creating a new style of Clog?
Design is really personal for me, and it usually starts from what I want, be that a new style or new color. My design model is bases on evolution and refinement, rather than reinventing the collection every season. I believe in improvement and making things better and better with time.

If you weren’t designing Clogs what do you think you would be doing?
I love making ceramics, cooking for friends and rambling in the wilds of Northern California. 

When you dream of Bryr, where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
My goal is to stay true to our values and beliefs, making the best possible products we can, making everything by hand with the best materials and techniques and staying truly connected to our customers. 

What do you want people to know about Bryr?
Sometimes people come into the shop and they ask where the “real” factory is, and we laugh, and say, “This is it. Right here.” They are surprised how small we are and that we really do make their clogs right here. My team is everything to me and I feel extremely proud to work with such an amazing group of strong, creative and smart women. I believe, together, we are redefining what American manufacturing and craft looks like. And I’m so excited that we are proving that people really are open to, and excited about, well-made products. We are a little family; we work hard, support each other and have fun making clogs every day.

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