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I could probably write a novel on why I love this family so much but I will resist. 

I adore this family. Katie and her family are my other family. I love them to pieces and though we now are in two different states, I know that won’t stop us from growing and cheering each other on in this crazy life. 

I spent a good 5 hours with these four just spending time capturing who they are as a family. I admit I paused for a moment to have a good cry with Katie as we faced the reality that I was moving away, but we wiped the tears away and continued to enjoy our time together. 

Katie has been there since I started this business and I am thankful for her constant support and love. I am thankful that her and her family have become my family. I look forward to see what new adventures they go on and I look forward to seeing our friendship grow even with distance between us.

Chris, Katie, Jonah and Milo, I love you guys to pieces and I appreciate the many years of friendship. 

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