Kirsta’s take on ceramics is beautiful

It’s the day after Christmas and if you’re wondering what to do with some of that gift money, you should hop over to Krista’s shop and treat yourself!   

Krista’s ceramics are beautiful and have the perfect quirkiness to them. I love that you can see that each piece was handmade and each piece is unique. The cactus imprint is the cherry on top! 

Krista and I have talked over instagram for a while and plan to continue to collaborate in the future. The ceramic “plant lady” signs are the cutest! The little legs she adds to some of her pieces are so freaking cute too! We look forward to adding a variety of her work to the shop! 

I love that Krista is always coming up with new creations! She also loves community and is constantly collaborating with other artists! Every collaboration is beautiful and I know there are many more in the future! 

I wanted to show you some of the pieces she sent me to add to my home and I wanted you all to get to know her a bit more! Her answers made me smile!! 

All of our work is so unique, what inspires you?

That makes me so happy to hear! I try to always be on the lookout for things that might lead to a new idea or product! I carry around a sketchbook and scribble down song lyrics, patterns I might see around town, other artists I find fascinating, places to take pictures, perhaps experiences I may have have or a technique I would like to research more fully. It often takes a while for an idea to formulate or to find a way to apply any of these sources of inspiration but I like having a little pocket sized library near by, standing ready to lend a hand! 

Being a girl from the Midwest, I find my Phoenix desert surroundings quite inspiring with their some times subtle and other times bold colors! I love the textures I see and the plant varieties, of course the cactus is king around here. The desert is full of a fierce kind of beauty I’m coming to appreciate! 

I would also say my mother and her ability to find the joy in the everyday, the often simple and small things has impacted the ceramics I choose to make. I like making things that are useful in our everyday lives but also a little extra special in some way. 

Being a momma and a business owner isn’t easy. How do you balance it all?

Oh yes! I can tell you know a thing or two about the mama/ boss lady juggle. I realized very quickly I couldn’t do it all on my own and I couldn’t do it all PERIOD and need to stop trying to! 

My husband is my greatest supporter and he is often the one who helps me when I fall short particularly with our two boys or the housework that so easily gets away from me when it’s busy season. I’ve been really trying hard to prioritize my time and focus on the tasks that fall under “you gotta make this happen today” first and then letting the other ones either roll over to the next day or fall away completely.  

We are in constant fluctuation over here between clay time and family time but I really try to be present in whichever role I’m in at the time- mom mode or maker mode. I like that my boys see me doing something I love, my husband brings them to visit me at markets and art shows so they can see me in action. Lincoln and Hudson are the best, when they hear the “Cha Ching” noise on my phone from an online sale they yell “MOM! MONEY!! HOORAY!”

What got you started in making ceramics?

I actually have always been dabbling the the arts but it wasn’t until I went to college and chose to go to art school at BYU that I began to focus on ceramics! 

My parents would put me in art camps and encouraged me to be creative. I always loved art classes and making things. They said I always had a pension for getting my hands dirty and making messes which sort of naturally channeled itself into perhaps the  messiest art form of them all! 

I graduated with my Bachelors of Fine Art, emphasis in ceramics, in 2010 and then helped support my husband while he finished graduate school. We had a baby, liked him so much we had another baby, and so it wasn’t until about two years ago where I was in a place in my life I could start up my art making again. Ceramics is tricky because you need some serious equipment and supplies but my husband bought me Betty The Kiln for Christmas 2014 and we made room in our house for a small studio. 

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

In five years I would really love to be running a little communal studio, a place for people to experience clay, because it is an experience! I would love it have have more of a  home feel with fun tile, eclectic furniture, art from other artists I admire, and lots of light! 

I would love to teach classes or at least have some time (and room) to open my studio up for visitors. One of the things that has come from starting my business, Her Name Is Mud, is the enlightening conversations I’ve had particularly with women about creating. I’ve been collecting ideas based on these conversations, they want to have a “thing” but don’t necessarily know how to begin and it may not even be ceramics but I think it is important to create in some form and I want to be a champion for that! 

I have also seen many of the other ceramicists that I admire like Molly Hatch and Bridget Bondenham move into a designer role, I would love a chance to experience that side of the artistic process. 

Oh and I want more babies if the Mr. will give them to me! 

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