Kate and Ollie | Beacon Hill, Boston

Kate and Ollie wanted to be sure they really soaked in this day. They chose to keep the guest list small and only invited the people they hold closest to their hearts. They allowed themselves quiet moments away from their guests. Kate shared throughout the day how important it was that they were able to have time where it was just the two of them. She shared that she wasn’t in a rush but rather wanted to take it slow throughout the day. Our time venturing around Beacon Hill was filled with great conversations and lots of laughter. They took time to snuggle in their hotel bed and they chose to have their first dance on the rooftop alone. We loved that their guests embraced them for who they are and that these two created a day that felt best to them. Their intentionality was something we really loved!! They stuck to who they are and who they are is two beautiful souls who are excited to spend the rest of their lives together!

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