India Dress by Blue Anemone | Albuquerque Adventure

I sometimes forget to be intentional about adventuring in my own city. It’s easy to stick to your daily routines and to-do’s, but the other day I met up with my step sister Lindsey who asked me to photograph her for her blog and then we decided to head out to explore a part of the city we never venture into and boy were we happy and inspired we did.

It felt really good to be inspired by a place that is right in my “backyard”! Seeing people being active in opening shops, restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, creative businesses and more in this city is so encouraging and exciting. We are known as the “land of maƱana”. People tend to get really complacent here or people leave to do great things outside of here, but in the last few years people are taking their ideas and making it happen here. People have moved back to do what they love here. Our community is being built up and our city is beginning to attract others from different parts of the world to come experience this beautiful desert life in New Mexico. 

I feel inspired and proud of what is happening here and I am honored to be part of the change. I want to see more people rise up and pursue their dreams and passions. I want to see our community grow together because I believe when we work together great things happen!

Adventuring with my step sister Lindsey was filled with talking about supporting others, enjoying the new that is happening in this city and encouraging each other to do well in the platforms that we have. We both agreed that we want to love people well and inspire them. I love that we both have blogs and can support and encourage each other in them. 

This dress was perfect for this hot day! The weather lately has been over 100 degrees which is extra hot for New Mexico. (Arizona friends, I am thinking of you and remembering when we lived there). I love the light weight fabric of this dress by Blue Anemone, also found through Bohemian Harvest. The details of the tie straps, the buttons, the fabric, it’s all so good. Oh and lets not forget this beautiful bag from Cult Gaia. It is the perfect handbag for the summer, an evening out and it adds a good pop for those laid back kind of days. My shoes are actually from Target but found at Goodwill with the tags on them! There is a Goodwill here that receives all the Target items that don’t sell, so if you pop in often you can score some amazing pieces from home goods to shoes! 

So last words, be about pursing what you love and even more be about community. Support each other! 

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