Our life has been GO GO GO! It has all been amazing yet met with hurt along the way.

We haven’t had a chance to just “be” in a while. We LOVE everything we get to do but we are excited to have a season that is a little more calm. We have been on and off airplanes, photographing weddings, trying to figure out what is wrong with Matt (I will write an update post soon), opening and running a store, keeping up with the kids and making sure they are feeling loved, staying in touch with people we love in between it all… I am trying to keep the house clean and that alone can quickly become an all day chore.

To be honest being busy is best for me personally. If you saw my post a few months back about my struggle with severe depression you know I mentioned that being busy helps protect me from that. I think being busy can be good and bad. What you are busy doing is key. I like to be busy with things that benefit people I love or things that I feel proud of. Whether it’s traveling to another state to photograph a wedding or if it’s cleaning to keep my home welcoming to my family or if it’s catching up with a friend over coffee, I believe these are examples of what are healthy ways of being busy. You will find me doing those activities or curating our store, or hitting the gym, or reading a book to my kids, or drinking a glass of wine over dinner with people I love… in the end of the day more then ever I have found that I need to put my energy towards things that are most important. Whether that be laughing, working hard or having a hard conversation to bring understanding with those I care about, then damnit I will do that.

In the last year I have been busier then ever with things I am absolutely in love with doing and I also have faced brokenness. That brokenness has been so hard to face. Through facing brokenness I have learned new things about my personality and that is I find that I deeply care about people and if there is any brokenness then I can’t seem to breath. I become consumed and all I want to do is mend whatever is wrong and be able to move on with those people. I get so lost in my thoughts that I can find myself depressed or emotionally wrecked. I am learning that I can only do so much and if it is not received then I have to press forward loving those who are before me. Life is too short to dwell on something that isn’t being mended. 

So not only has it been a season of amazing go go go but it’s been met with hurt and through it all I am learning more of who I am and how I can better love people going forward. I always hope that one day the brokenness can be redeemed. 

As we slow down (not much haha) I want to take my days a little slower, be intentional with what is now before it is super busy again. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee without needing to reheat it back up. I want to soak in this time with the same intention as I do when I am busy. I will continue to work on the shop along Sarah, I will being editing for hours to wrap up this years wedding season, I have been minimizing and I will continue to workout. I will be sitting by the fire as we enter the cold months so my mind, body and soul can be refreshed. 

Life is too short to have idle hands but we also need rest. Life is too short to let brokenness steal your breath away. Life is too short to do nothing with your life. LIFE IS A GIFT!! Go do what you love, work hard, be intentional, love well and enjoy! 

Here’s to an intentional slow season (I want to get back to blogging now that life is slower!).

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