I am in Montana sitting in my hotel room starring at all the lush green foliage outside. This desert girl is used all shades brown. I love the change of scenery. I think getting away from the norm even if it inspires you is a good thing! 

Do you feel inspired when you travel? I feel it really pushes you to see the world differently and grow an appreciation for home. I hope that I can take what inspires me and turn around and inspire others. Life is too short to be about me but rather making sure that those around me feel loved, encouraged, inspired and I hope to encourage others to go out and pour into others as well.

Speaking of wanting to inspire others. I met Alesia over Instagram. With her husbands encouragement, she opened her own shop in Mississippi. George-Mary’s is beautifully curated with a mix of lifestyle products! She chose to open it there because she saw a need and she wanted to meet it. She wanted “George-Mary’s to be one of a kind in Mississippi, and open the eyes of the South to what the rest of the world has to offer.” I love that she didn’t run away from a state that may be behind on what is hip and cool but rather she wanted to enlighten and open the eyes of those around her by bringing something super inspiring to them! She is all about her community and I believe that will go a long way for her and those around her! 

I was thankful when we decided to work together. This jumper is not only the perfect brown but also it’s so soft and comfortable. Here I am pairing the jumper with a pair of Bryr clogs and other days I rock a pair of Vans with it. I can either dress it up or be more laid back in it! The leather wallet is also the perfect brown. (I know I know, I can’t get away from brown tones!) I love the way the leather feels and looks! I can use it everyday or use it for date night! 

Get to know Alesia and her shop! 

1.  Share a bit about yourself.

Hi! I’m Alesia Lucas, native to Natchez, MS & currently reside in Starkville, MS.  I went to school at Mississippi State University for Fashion Merchandising & Design.  Afterwards, traveled and worked between Austin, TX, New York, NY, Jackson, MS, and finally landed in Starkville, MS (where I went to college).  I love the old and the new the tried and the true, wood, white and minimalist.  I’ve been married to an amazing jack of all trades, (who probably gets tired of all of my projects).  I have a darling 2 year old little boy and little girl due in October 2018.  

2.  What made you decide to open your own retail store?

I am always open minded to new things, travelling and seeing what the creative realm has to offer next.  I love gathering beautiful objects to use on a daily basis.  Life is made for living beautifully and purposefully.  I wanted to be able to offer products – apparel, home and accessories for living this lifestyle, (something that the deep south does not offer for the most part).  We wanted George-Mary’s to be one of a kind in Mississippi, and open the eyes of the South to what the rest of the world has to offer. To offer encouragement to creatives to not be intimidated by the overwhelming majority of what is offered in your current area.  Stand out, be different in a good way, and pursue your passion!

After managing a few retail stores including Aspen Bay candle Co, Anthropoligie & Libby Story, my husband and I decided that I was ready to open my own store – where I would have the creative liberty to curate a store, nothing like our state had.  I wanted to offer more urban, fashion forward products with a minimalist vibe.  

3.  What are some of your goals and hopes for the coming years for George-Mary’s?

I would love for George-Mary’s to continue to grow, as it is currently.  We are adding more Home + Menswear starting August 2018, which will really bring the personality of the store to life.  When I created the name, I wanted something that had a history and a future.  We started with women’s apparel (which embodies the Mary aspect of the name – my grandmother); menswear & home will debut in Fall 2018 (which embodies the George aspect of the name, inspired by my husband’s side of the family as well as my grandfather).  GM will become a modern general store, full of urban, yet nouveau classic goods for home & body.

4.  What do you enjoy most about running your own store?

The curation process is the most fun.  I could do this all day everyday and not get paid.  However, money is necessary and also icing on the cake in addition to living my passion of bringing beautiful things to the community & my following.  I love to hear customers say how much they love our store & products – I know that I’ve done a good job, when we receive that feedback.  Lastly, there are endless possibilities with a young business & fashion.  There will always be something new & unknown – something to look forward to.

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