Full day in the office

The evening is coming to an end and I about to head to bed. I wanted to say THANK YOU for the out pouring of love and support from you all. Sharing that Matt has an autoimmune disease yesterday was a pretty vulnerable moment! I am overwhelmed by all your kindness that you shared with us! THANK YOU!

I spent the day in the office. I edited, answered emails, blogged on Matt and Tish, and booked flights for our next trip. I hit the gym and spent the evening with friends over tacos and margaritas. It is Taco Tuesday! 

I needed a full day in the office and while I worked I also had the laundry going and although it hasn’t been folded yet, I was able to catch up on things I needed to get done. If feels good to be caught up as we gear up for a busy August! Tomorrow I will fold and put away the laundry, register the kids for school, finish school supply shopping and hit the gym!

August came so fast but for me I am excited because it is my birthday month along with a handful of some of my favorite people who celebrate theirs this month too! We have four weddings this month, preparation is in the works for that BIG ANNOUNCEMENT we mentioned in our last post and maybe squeeze in a few lazy days at the pool! So yes August came fast but there is so much good to look forward to this month so I will embrace it!!

Well friends, off to bed I go!

(PS Greyson came in asking if he can have his fish tank light off because he isn’t scared anymore, then two minutes later said “mama I am actually scared can you turn that light back on for me.” Let’s just say my heart melted with his sweet words and what five year hold uses the word “actually” hahaha…)

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