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Emily+Charlie | Brooklyn, New York

We were eating pizza in Brooklyn. I spotted these two and chased them down outside to ask them if they would be up for a portrait session. I awkwardly asked if they would allow me to photograph them and Charlie responded with “we would be totally down as long as you don’t kill us.” We laughed! We talked breifly after and I learned they were actually visiting for a few weeks and they they are both artists. Charlie is a musician and she draws amazing art. She left some art on the walls of Brooklyn. Although she was scared that something could happen to them, she woke up at 4am to leave her art in NY before they left. She is rad!

They were a dream!

The next morning I arrived at the home they were house sitting in the middle of a lovely Brooklyn neighborhood. I told them I wanted to capture their love and they couldn’t do anything wrong if they got lost in each other. They did just that!! They enjoyed each other and along the way we made jokes, talked about life and we just really connected which made this time really cool! I love when you can meet someone and it feels like you have been friends for a while. 

Charlie and Emily laughed thru the entire time we spent together and I loved it. It reminded me of all those times I have asked couples who have been married 40 plus years what their wisdom is to stay married. They always say “laugh together and always remember to laugh at yourself. Don’t take yourself too serious. Life is too short to let the dumb fights keep you from each other.” These two did that! They enjoyed each other and I could tell they genuinely loved being together and laughter was a big part of their relationship. I feel really thankful they trusted me to not only photograph them but also they trusted me that I wasn’t going to kill them (hahaha). 

Thank you Charlie and Emily!

(PS Look for some of Emily’s art connected with No Longer Wander!)