Kendra and Ben | Downtown Phoenix

Since moving to Arizona, Instagram as been my way to connect with people. The people I meet have been so kind. Here you meet Ben and Kendra. Ben is a barista and Kendra is a creative, Together they live a pretty rad life pursuing what they love. As we adventured around downtown Phoenix, I was able to witness the love these two share. Although Kendra would “play it cool” and would push Ben away when he would get close, I could tell she adored him. And Ben, every time I told him to get closer to her, he giggled with excitement! I love when my couples adore each other. At the end of this session they read letters to each other. They shared why they love and chose each other. Emotions arose, they held back tears and just got lost in each other. I am always honored when the couples I photograph are vulnerable in front my camera! 

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