Do you rearrange your home?

When I was little I could remember my mom rearranging furniture or restyling a shelf. I didn’t get why. I didn’t really pay much attention but I always knew she was changing something. Furniture would be moved, murals would be painted and so much more. My mom was always spending her time being creative. She even set up a room for pottery in the house (expect her pieces to be in the shop soon).

Having my own home and falling in love with interior design, I have also fallen in love with rearranging and restyling. I have learned that when I restyle a room or a corner I feel re-inspired and refreshed. I learn more of what I love and I learn how to curate as well. My home is my safe place where I can just be me. I can play with styling without any pressure.  I spend much of my time in my home, being that I am a mama and work from home and as a creative I need to stay inspired! It is important to me that my family feels good and is inspired too. When I take the time to restyle a room I enter my “happy place”. Restyling brings a calm feeling to my soul.

So in the midst of the kids school schedule underway, photographing and editing weddings, trying to keep up with the blog (sorry I have been MIA lately, I am back) and now opening a shop, I took a good few hours and restyled our front living space. The above picture is styled in a way that I love but I needed something new, something fresh and I needed that time to bring a sense of calm in this season. I went in a more masculine direction. I don’t normally go so bold, but I feel really good about it. And I love that Matt is really digging the space too (I will photograph more of the room so you can see). 

If you haven’t restyled a room or a corner you should go try it. I know some people keep things in the same spot for a long time and that feels good, and others feel intimidated by change, but if you are one of these people I would encourage you to try to step out and make a change. I would love to hear how that goes and how that feels! And for those who love restyling as much as I do, keep changing and being inspired!!!

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