Dillon and Micayla | Los Poblanos, New Mexico

A year ago I received an inquiry from Dillon. It is rare I receive an email from the groom but when I do I get pretty excited about it because to me it’s a sign that he is fully involved with the planning of his wedding right alongside the bride. 

Dillon and I met over coffee, we talked about the wedding, we talked about his relationship with Micayla and we just talked about life. It was like we had already known each other prior to that day. 

Matt and I ended up meeting Micayla in Denver, CO. They had been long distance for a season as each were in school, so we had a wedding booked in Denver and it worked out perfectly to meet her for coffee and hear her side of their love story! And just as comfortable as it was with Dillon, it was with her. They both are real and genuine people!

So a year later, just a couple months away from saying “I do”, I woke up early to capture these two snuggling up and loving on each other at Los Poblanos, which is also where they will be saying their vows. I loved being able to experience them together. Remember, at this point it had been separate, so it was so much fun to see all the love they talked about was now tangibly brought to life right in front of my eyes. I could tell how much they adored each other just by the way they would look at each other and not even say a thing. 

This day was really amazing and both Matt and I cannot wait for their wedding!! Dillon and Micayla, you two are pretty amazing inside and out!!

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