Creating from the Heart

I am honored that I can create in a so many ways. I love every “job” I get to do. Not everyone in this world gets to live out their dreams. Not everyone is privileged with the opportunity to do what they love. Not everyone gets to look forward to “going to work”. Sometimes I sit back in my chair and am really blown away by the reality that I get to do what I love. I know I am involved in so many things but I see how they all overlap and help me do better in each creative role I am in. I am really blown away by everything I get to be a part of!

So though I get to be part of so much and I love waking up to do what I love, as a creative I can tend to forget to create purely out of the ability to create. As a creative I tend to have to creative for something specific. I have deadlines. I have expectations. I have lists. Again don’t get me wrong, I love it. But there is something about creating with no agenda, no deadline, no plan and no expectation. I think it is really important to create purely from the heart and mind. I think it helps creatives grow if we have a free space to create.

So friends that is what I created recently. I asked Poi if I can photograph her. Upon arrival I told her that I had no plan. I shared that I wanted to create just because I could. I encouraged her to create as she sat in front of my camera. We had real life talk throughout it and together I think we created some beautiful images. The sunlight was nothing short of beautiful. The desert colors were perfect. The breeze came in just right.

Our 40 minutes together was life-giving. My brain was renewed. My heart was full. I even texted my husband and told him that I could cry because it just felt so good to create purely from my heart with no plan. I told him I lost a part of me and I felt like I found it again. Again, I love everything I do but again creatives need a free space to just be and do and create!

My hope is that 2019 is filled with personal work. I want to create from the heart with no fear. Yes sometimes I don’t share work because of the fear of what others may think but I don’t have time for that anymore. Who I am comes through my work and I want to enjoy who I am and hopefully others will to. I want those whom I photograph to feel like I captured a piece of who they are. Together I hope we all feel inspired!

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