Bree and Chad / New Mexico Desert

“Although we believe we are one in marriage, we are still each a whole person, not a half. We have our own thoughts and ambitions and processes of growing. We are still individuals and we need the freedom to be ourselves. Freedom and confidence in spending time apart allows us the desire and joy in being together. Freedom in our marriage looks like a common standard or understanding of what marriage is in Jesus. It looks like trust and mutual respect for one another, open and frequent conversation, consideration for one another, putting the other before ourselves….” (Head over to White Magazine to read more and see the full spread!)

What an honor to be apart of Issue 38 of White Magazine. This photography journey has been full of amazing and I have faced some really low points along the way! The low points haven’t been easy but choosing to push forward has been worth it every time. Thankful I haven’t given up because through all the hard work, joy and tears, dreams have come true and I am so honored! Being in another issue of White Magazine has been amazing and I feel so grateful for their love and support!! 

I was asked to photograph images to represent “Free to be”. I am grateful for Chad and Bree. I am thankful they were willing to share a snippet of their life to make this all happen. So much love for these two.


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