Ben and Sarah Beth | Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm | New Mexico

When first talking with Sarah Beth about her wedding day, we spent two hours talking about her wedding, her story, her dreams and the tragedy of losing her dad. By the end of the conversation, we became friends.

Sarah Beth and Ben are two people full of deep love for others. Sarah Beth is strong, she sees the best in people and she overflows with grace. Ben never stops smiling, he literally never stopped and we loved it!!! He cares for others in a way that is undeniable! They are strong and we believe their life together is going to beautiful and people’s lives will forever be impacted. 

You have to know that Sarah Beth not only picked the perfect location and had amazing design ideas but she also took the time to design her wedding ring along with her wedding gown!!! Come on, isn’t that dreamy!!!! Sarah Beth has a dream to have her own clothing line and we believe whole heartedly that she will make that dream come true, I mean just look at her gown!!

Sara Beth and Ben were surrounded by the people who loved them most. Their family and friends who surrounded them were amazing, we will forever be touched by them. They know what joy is and they know what loss is. Sarah Beth lost her dad about three years ago and the hurt was bundled with joy this day was intermingled in a beautiful way. 

We are forever grateful that Sarah Beth and Ben entrusted us with their story. We are forever grateful for their kindness and friendship. 

Floral by the amazing Emily with Floriography

Wedding Coordinator was the ever so talented Wedding Designer Amy with with For The Love

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