Austin and Brittney | Portland, Hug Point and Cannon Beach Elopement

Brittney is family so when it was her time to plan her wedding we were so excited. When we first talked with her she shared that her dream would be to go to the Pacific Northwest but she wanted to love her family well so she was going to go ahead and plan something a bit more closer to home. Well, as time progressed, she called us again. We asked how she was feeling about her plans and she shared how overwhelmed she was. We went back to what she shared about the PNW and we shared how we felt like her tone of voice was filled with excitement and freedom when she talked about her dream, so we encouraged her to pursue just that. So her and Austin chose to plan what Brittney dreamed about for so long.

We are so grateful they chose to pursue eloping in the Pacific Northwest. We are grateful that their families supported them and that they tagged along for the adventure. The day was filled with adventures from downtown Portland, to eating at Little Big Burger, to Hug Point, drinking coffee along the way, and ending our time on Cannon Beach.

Through our time with them we could see the freedom they felt, especially in Brittney. She oozed with joy, she climbed a side of a mountain without us asking, she danced on the beach and together they embraced the day fully. Together they were fearless and they felt so loved to have their family and friends alongside them. 

We really love when our couples pursue their dream wedding. We love seeing our couples embrace their love, embrace adventure, and we are so grateful they take us with them. We want the very best for our couples and we never want them to regret anything. We also love when our couples choose to elope. Elopements are dreamy, they give opportunity to embrace love and adventure a bit more and the intimacy of the day really is just magical.

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