Dan and Elizabeth | Arizona Wedding

Dan and Elizabeth married at The Coffee Shop in Agritopia, Arizona. This place was a bit special seeing that Elizabeth worked there for years. It was a place that many friendships were formed for her and Dan. Family and friends filled the shop, tears of joy strolled down faces, smiles that touched the stars were across everyones faces. Dan and Elizabeth are people who genuinely care for anyone and everyone that is around them. 

We spent the day at The Coffee Shop capturing the two become husband and wife. A few days later we went on a magical adventure in the middle of the Arizona desert exploring. 

We are thankful that not only were we entrusted with photographing one of the most intimate days of there lives but that we have become such good friends with them. Thank you for entrusting us with your wedding and thank you for allowing us to live life with you!! 

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  1. These are amazing!!!! There is not one photo that isn’t incredible!!!! And that bride is just gorgeous!!! Well done Tish! You killed it….again!!!

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