Another 13

Who doesn’t want to smell good? For me putting a perfume on daily is just part of my routine! I know some people will use perfume for special occasions or here and there, but for me, it’s worn daily.

A few years into my marriage my husband bought me a perfume and I fell in love with it and I have worn it ever since, but as of recently I have fallen in love with a new scent. I still have a bottle of the one I have used for several years now but I just can’t seem to resist Another 13 by Le Labo. I can’t express enough about how much I love the scent.

I am stopped often about what scent I wear and I always share “Another 13”!! But I also have been asked about the other two I wear as well! All three are good but Another 13 has become my go to! I even have friends who have had their back turned to me when I walk in the room and they laugh with a “hi Tish!”. I giggle every time knowing that people can smell my presence!!

I also have a third scent that I really enjoy and I will bring with me when I travel. It’s the perfect size to pack in my bag and it smells so so good.

Do you wear perfume daily or is it something you use for special occasions?

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