Something a bit different…

I met Ana via good ol’ Instagram.  She stood out to me, so I asked if she would allow me to photograph her. She jumped at the idea. As we entered this session I shared that I wanted to create together, meaning, I wanted her to be just as much apart of this time as I was. Meaning I wanted her to trust me and be vulnerable. I wanted her to move and feel. I didn’t have a clear plan going into this portrait session. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted her to feel, but we talked about life through our time together. We talked about the importance of being true to you and as we talked, she moved and I clicked and we created.

Lately people have said, “thank you for showing me it’s okay to break the rules in this world of photography.” It’s been multiple times lately and every time I am blown away. I am completely taken back because I don’t realize the impact my images have on others. I don’t realize that I am used to make people try new things, push the boundaries, and believe that trying what is different is important. I can think of people that I feel challenged by and inspired by, and I am so humbled and overjoyed to hear that people feel that about me and my work. I desperately want people to feel something in their souls when they see my images. I don’t want to create just another pretty image, but I want that pretty image to go far deeper then that. So to those who have been challenged and encouraged by me, thank you for your kind words. I will continue to push the boundaries and I hope you do to! 

So here is Ana. We created…

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