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Happy Saturday friends. I am excited for a lots of reasons. Matt goes in for surgery this week. The doctor is fuzzing the lower part of his spine and that should relieve the pain that he has suffered with for the last year! So I will keep you posted though Instagram stories over the next week on how he is doing. We head to Arizona tomorrow and he goes in for surgery on Tuesday. There are a lot of unknowns on how this will all pan out but the outcome should be pain free after recovery, so that brings us a lot of hope.

It is crazy to think that surgery will happen and when we get home at the end of next week, my kids start school. Where the heck did summer go? How is it time for school supply shopping? Why did the summer come and go in a blink of eye. Just shows how fast life goes by and how we need to make time to enjoy the people around us. 

Life goes by so fast that I miss out sometimes on taking time to blog and share what life has been like. I forget to update you on the journey we have been on with Matt. So many of you have taken the time to reach out and check in, along with giving us ideas of what could be wrong and so on. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! 

I also love blogging about other creators and small business owners. We all need each other to grow! Speaking of which, Rebekah and I met over Instagram. She is a graphic designer along with a jewelry maker. She is really into unique shapes and I love that she mixes metals! It’s just been in the last few years that I started mixing metals and I love it. 

Let’s get to know Rebekah a bit more…

1. A little bit about me… Well, I am happily married to my husband, Dan, of 12 years, though we’ve been together for 21 years! We were 18 and 19 when we started dating and haven’t left eachother’s side since. He still makes me feel young and alive, can make me laugh like no other, and is the best Papa. I feel the need to pinch myself often. Our daughter, Luka, is just about to turn 10! She’s quite the artist and inspires me daily with her creations. I love being her Mama.

I started my business in 2005 after graduating from the University of Washington with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Metals. Yep! I have a degree in jewelry-making! My business has definitely been through its paces, growth spurts (and pains) to get to where it is now – but I’m pleased with where things have landed, and I look forward to continuing my growth. It was hard to figure out where to go and how to start my business after I graduated. The creative world seemed too big and I was such a small fish. Within the confines and parameters of a class assignment I could excel and flourish. But when I faced my studio alone with nothing, I struggled. So I found myself some clients for whom I could make custom work (parameters). Incidentally those commissions started my foray into freelance graphic design work, but it also paved the way for my first collection.

Jewelry has always been the focus of my business, but I’ve been moonlighting as a freelance graphic designer the past few years and love what it brings to my daily life in terms of inspiration and connection with other business owners. Talking with them always helps me reflect on where I am with my business, to strive for that next thing, and if I’m being honest, to pull back the reins sometimes.

2. Balancing motherhood and running a business… Does that even exist? Or is that something that social media makes us think is a thing? Some days I feel like I have it mastered and am the queen of my castle: Early AM workouts at home, volunteering in her classroom after drop off, hustling home to slay in the studio until I need to get her from school and then setting expectations with her of my workload and what she needs to do to help me achieve my goals and likewise how I can help her, followed by dinner, family time, and often working again late in the evening. Other days I fail to keep all those balls in the air. The days when motherhood and business are out of balance are such a struggle. In reflection, this is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to have a home studio so I could work while hearing the pitter patter of her feet, have her stand at my side and tell me she’s bored, for her to watch my elation, joy and abundance when great things happen and also when I struggle, fail and cry. This is real life and I want to prepare her for the real world – you can’t learn everything in elementary school. She’s proud of me and she gushes about my jewelry and talents so I guess that’s what I call a good balance. I’m proud to be able to show her what it means to be a hard working, goal-driven woman. I think the important thing is to be honest with yourself about how much time projects can take, because you won’t create your best work, either as a mother or an artist, when you’re overloaded.

3.What would you tell someone who is considering leaving their corporate job to pursue their own business? I wish I had some critical knowledge to offer here but I haven’t yet been able to make that leap from corporate job to full-time self-employment. It’s not for a lack of wanting, however. I’ve worked for Costco for almost 21 years and they are the source of healthcare for myself and my family. My husband works for a small company, and if healthcare weren’t so expensive then we might be able to make it happen. I only work part time, but it gets us what we need. I work two full studio days, one of them with my assistant, and then nights and some weekends. I’m a night owl and can get a lot done after the fam is asleep. There’s a comfort in knowing they are resting near me that allows me to focus.

4. What’s next for Rebekah J? I am working on a new collection and will have some pieces available in the next few weeks. I have been wanting to work with stones again, so I’m finding my way though some really fun pieces now. This collection is inspired by our mid-century modern home and aesthetic, and the art of Rex Ray.

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  1. Hi, I am a new reader and I love your blog, it has such a calm feel and your photos are great.
    I see you get a lot of questions about your dining room chairs, and just wanted to tell you a bit about them in case you didn’t know. The design is by the famous Danish designer Hans J. Wegner, and the chair is called the Y-chair, or Wishbone. It was designed in 1949, and the original is manufactured by the company Carl Hansen & sons. I am guessing yours is a copy. I won’t go into copyright, because I don’t know the law outside the EU, and that wasn’t my point, my point was just telling you a bit about those truly beautiful chairs. It is not in any way meant as critique and I hope you won’t take my comment that way. Feel free to delete this if you don’t want it shown on your blog.

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