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Instagram for the win, yet again!! Made another connection with a really rad maker! Hilary makes stunning jewelry and I am so excited to share these two rings that I have stacked! I love them separate but there is something extra special when they are together! I think it would make for a lovely wedding ring too! I also am so happy to share that we will be having a variety of her gorgeous jewelry in the shop!! 

Now to get to know Hilary and her shop a bit more, please continue to stroll down to read more about her and her gorgeous work! 

Can you share a bit about yourself?

Hey folks, I’m Hilary (hi!).  I’m the Owner of a Portland, Oregon-based jewelry company, lumafina.  Let’s see: I’m a working Mama, I have two kids (whoa having a second sure changes the whole working-artist-Mom-thing), my hubs, Aaron, is my best friend and I adore handmade things, gardening, cooking and reading.  And music.  I’m so pleased that I get to work with my hands, making jewelry and sometimes other things to support my family and journey alongside other women creatives.  It can definitely be an intimidating thing, working for myself, often by myself.  There are doubts and struggles and sometimes overwhelming seasons where everything needs to happen at once.  But, also, then there is the creating, the challenge of the object/artist relationship, the beauty of people and community as they support me and the work/life balance this work provides me and my family.  I’m really in a season as a creative person of discovering that I have the strength and skills to be able to do this, handle it and flourish in it.  Which is humbling but also something that makes me smile, if that makes sense.

What inspired you to begin creating jewelry?

Oh goodness, well, I’ve been making jewelry since the days of macaroni noodle necklaces, you know?  It’s something I really just gravitated toward as a young girl and then always stuck with and came back to.  I sold hemp necklaces in middle school, made crystal bead jewelry in high school, countless bridal jewelry sets for friends in college.  I actually majored in Spanish because it was the “right thing to do,” but I don’t get to use it much making jewelry in my studio, hah.  So I came out of the university with a job translating documents and doing intakes/admin work for a Non-Profit but quickly discovered I wasn’t going to grow in this field, personally.  Etsy was really taking off then, so I decided to quit my job and just start making jewelry full-time.  I should say at this time what inspired me were the voices of family and friends encouraging me to take this leap but also the knowledge that I could handle jewelry making and the challenges of carving out my little corner in the handmade world – I was curious if I could do it!

I love that you are a Mama and a business owner.  What would you tell other women who are mamas and thinking of pursuing their dreams?

For me, being a mother actually continues to inspire me to do this.  Knowing that, hopefully, my children will grow up around creativity, around making things with their hands, seeing their parents strive to work from home so we can continue in that work/life balance we desire…it’s a huge responsibility but also an amazing opportunity and one I don’t want to take lightly.  So I guess I’d tell other women who are Mamas and wanting to pursue work in any sort of way…it’s good for our kids to seeing strong, working Moms.  It’s good to foster a sense of responsibility, work ethic, creativity, business savvy and community.  You’re not alone.  It’s hard for sure, it’s a unique set of struggles, being a working Mom.  But as long as you nurture the community that supports you and invite others into your process and work, I believe you’ll find really beautiful rewards in that.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?  

I’d love to say I’m well-versed in art history, women’s creative movements of the past, etc. but I’m not always on top of that.  However, I think it is safe to say my world travels, relationship with linguistics and other cultures and intense love of all things colorful, textural, quirky and soulful inspire my work.  Primitive works of art and jewelry, sculpture, textiles, the boho chic and minimalist movements…these all inspire me daily.  But I try not to take myself too seriously and remind myself to also seek playful and fun things that make me laugh and breath life into my process.

Where do you hope your business will be in the next year?  What are some goals?

Right now I rent a studio outside of Portland which is great for this season.  But I’d really love to work from home, in a studio in our own backyard.  I’d love to be in the process of creating that place in the next year to few years.  I’ve dreamed about it for quite some time.  With lumafina specifically, a strong goal of mine is to employ a couple women full time.  I love getting to support other women in the capacity that I can right now, but it is kind of here and there as I need it or can afford it.  Not only is it great to have others to work with, but I really enjoy fostering creativity and helping other women in their journey, too.  I’m not amazing at this, but it is a privilege that I cherish and understand, being a creative women myself.  I’m also hoping to expand into paintings/prints.  I used to draw and paint all the time…so hopefully I can gather the courage to put that out into the world as well!

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