The bright and happy bathroom

We bought this house a little over 6 years ago. Most of the house needed a complete renovation but this bathroom was already renovated yet not in a way we loved. The shower was covered in brown square tiles, the floor wasn’t great, the vanity was nothing special, so I spent days trying to decide what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted it to feel bright yet welcoming. The subway tile felt right. It’s classic! We chose the dark grout because we wanted to keep that sense warmth amongst the bright white. We chose the dark floor to add contrast against the white tile. This bathroom is long and narrow, so we chose a vanity that sat above the floor. We wanted the bathroom to feel as big as we could seeing that there was no way to make it any bigger then it is (that’s what happens when you purchase an old 50’s home). 

Aaaaand of course adding plants to this room was a no brainer. Every bathroom needs plants!! I feel like a bathroom is the last place people think to add plants but if you think about it, most bathrooms have light and all the moisture from showers and baths make plants happy. I actually want to add more in this space because of the amount of light it has and I love the green against the white. This is the kids bathroom as well as the bathroom our guests use, so the happier it is the better! The best way to make is happier is to add MORE PLANTS!

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