Off the shoulder by Shop Doen

When I first laid eyes Shop Doen my heart skipped a beat. Every piece is nothing short of gorgeous. This top sends me deeper into my dream of wishing Spring would finally arrive. As much as I like to layer for the winter months, I am ready for the sun to fill the air with warmth and I can’t wait for poolside summer afternoons to arrive. 

It’s not just the top that screams Spring but this fragrance from Le Labo Fragrances. They sent it to me not to long ago and it smells amazing. I am big on good branding and packaging and I think they do a gorgeous job. I really love how they put my name on the bottle. This makes it more personal and special. I love their intentional approach to make people special. 

Speaking of special, I have to just share that our dog Lemon is a gift to our family. She brings so much joy and she has been a huge comfort to Matt on some of the hardest days. Some might think this sounds crazy but for us she is a gift and we love her so much. Every night you will find her snuggled with twins, in the afternoons you will find her wrestling with Grey, and in the mornings you will find her laying across Matt’s chest. She follows me around the house and when I had these photos taken she wouldn’t leave my side. Lemon is part of the family and we can’t imagine it any other way!

This off the shoulder top paired with these vintage Levi’s that I found in LA is a favorite outfit right now.  The top is so feminine and elegant and I love it paired with these jeans that have a little ruggedness to them. The contrast between the two brings a good feel of comfort and yet I feel really pretty.  Can’t wait to walk out the front door without a sweater on top. I just want to soak up the sun!!

Thank you Katie for taking these portraits! 

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