“Coffee inspired Tea”/Seen on Shark Tank

Do you love coffee? Do you love tea? Well, if you answered yes to both, then you will love Teapressa! It is the perfect blend between tea and coffee. 

We first saw Teapressa when Allison shared her idea on Shark Tank! Yes, she was on Shark Tank, not many people can say that!!! 

“Teaspressa tea has the body and robust flavour of coffee and some teas, black ones to be specific, have the same amount of caffeine content as well. You get the best of both worlds by enjoying the caffeine kick and body like a cup of coffee as well as savouring the enhanced new flavours of the tea and all its health benefits.”

I mean how can you not love this idea! You get the best of both worlds all in one cup!!! You can drink it hot or iced!! Allison has created different flavors of tea that pair with the perfect cube of sugar. The sugar in the image have flower petals to not only add flavor but it also adds an extra touch of beauty to your cup! 

If you haven’t tried Teapressa you must!! 

We asked some questions to get to know Allison more! Be sure to scroll down!

How did you come up with the name?

Honestly, I have been manifesting this idea for awhile. This is going to sound made up but I promise this happened! One night I woke up in the middle of the night, around 3/4am and the name came to me. At that moment I purchased and claimed all domain and social names then went back to sleep 🙂


How was your experience with the Shark Tank?

Extremely exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. Normally crowd or presentations don’t bother me but with my business on the line and all the dedication it took from my family and friends to make that moment happen escalated everything! I am totally happy with the outcome and all that happened and truly learned and greatly improved from the experience. 

What makes your tea so freaking good?

Where do I start?! I love coffee but for some reason being hooked on it doesn’t make my body and mind feel good. The reason why I love coffee is not only the taste but the experience and the extra jolt. Teaspressa gives me the same coffee experience, the caffeine rush and makes my body and mind feel amazing! I get some serious stuff done when I drink my black tea americano with rose and a splash of milk. It’s sometimes hard to take the Teaspressa tea caffeine seriously because I also find all the drinks so tasty as well! 

What inspired you to revise your packaging?

I felt that not only was Teaspressa growing, but it was also maturing into something beautiful from all the customer feedback and experiences overall. We are to the point we are now thanks to the inspiration we received from all the other amazing local businesses and after we took some time to really understand who we were as a brand. I find that our new packaging is a true representation of who we are and what we believe in which is enjoying the little things in life and celebrating that with a cup of tea. If will only get better as we grow and mature more!

What do you dream for Teaspressa?

Our goal is to make the term “tea latte” or “london fog” a common term like the “caramel macchiato”. We plan on going global with Teaspressa and sharing our new method of making tea with the world. 

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