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“If houses are the physical manifestations of personalities, what does it mean for our domestic lives when we begin to turn our homes into businesses?”

These were the words I read as I sat down on my bed. As I begin this blog and begin to think about what I want it to be and hope for it to become, I am learning that this is a form of being vulnerable. I literally laughed out loud with that kind of laugh that was like “what perfect timing”. The words I read were perfect. The full “Interview by Georgia Frances King” in Kinfolk’s Volume 21 magazine was the perfect read for me at that very moment. 

“The only people who used to see the insides of our homes were those we let in through the front door, but now that we’ve begun projecting our homes on social media, the entirety of the internet might be looking at our curtains. How is social media impacting the way we display our identities through our homes?”

The interview goes on about whether or not we are staying true to our personalities. Do we polish our lives in a way that makes our lives seem perfect?

They go on to share that there is still truth behind our curated lives and that just because we clean the mess before we take a photo does not mean we aren’t staying true to who we are. 

Freedom was found through the entire interview as I read each word. It also caused me to think deeper about what I hope for as I begin the journey. Yes, I may curate my home in ways that make it “pretty”. Yes, I will clean a mess before I take a photo, but I also am one to clean my kitchen before I rest my head to sleep and I am also someone who will make my bed before I leave the house. Before I drink my coffee in the morning, I open the all the curtains to let the light shine into my home (my mom and grandmothers did this, I could remember being at my grandmother’s house hearing the birds chirp and seeing light peeking in.) So to say I only do things for a photo isn’t true, it is part of who I am. 

But don’t get me wrong, my laundry room is embarrassing (before and after will come shared) Oh and the garage, that is even more embarrassing, I even cried once because people I admire saw my mess and I was so embarrassed tears strolled down my face. And don’t forget I have three kids. So my house isn’t perfect, nor am I. I have areas in my home and in my heart that are messy.

So, welcome. Welcome to my home. Welcome to my life, curated or not, WELCOME! 

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